Mphoto (14)y name is Melissa Hubbard and I own Screen Supreme, LLC. I am 36 years old and I suffer from hearing loss. Thanks to Maze Hearing & Balance, LLC, I am rocking my red hearing aids, that are top of the line! Not only are they cute but they can do a lot. I can make and receive calls through them, listen to my music, and even tune into my favorite TV shows. I have struggled for years trying to understand what people were saying to me. If it wasn’t for Dr. Heather Smith I would still be left in the dark. Hearing aids aren’t just for the elderly. I found out the hard way that young people can be just as prone to hearing loss. Don’t be ashamed to give Maze Hearing & Balance a call today.

Melissa Hubbard, Owner Screen Supreme, LLC

My Name is Nancy Laughbaum and I am 68 years old, a bit young to be discussing hearing aids. My husband and daughters began commenting on my hearing loss about a year before I visited the Maze Hearing & Balance office. I knew I was not hearing well, but I had no idea how badly it had deteriorated. I met with Dr. Heather Smith about six months ago, and she performed a hearing test which revealed that I did, indeed, need hearing aids. She helped me choose the best type of hearing aid for me. Although I was embarrassed at first, I quickly realized how much the hearing aids improved my life. Now when I take them out for any reason, I am shocked at how poorly I hear. It is a joy to hear my family and friends speak clearly after several years of hearing difficulty. Are the hearing aids perfect? No. There are a few things I don’t like. However, those things are far outweighed by all the positive results I have experienced. I trust my hearing to Dr. Heather Smith and I am simply thankful to be able to hear clearly again.

Nancy Laughbaum

Wonderful experience at Maze Hearing & BalanceMr. Richard Carpenter was recently fit with hearing aids at Maze Hearing & Balance, LLC. He reports that the aids have helped him with both his hearing and tinnitus (ringing). Mr. Carpenter stated that the results were what he had hoped for and that he did not expect everything to be as clear as it is now with his new hearing aids. Congratulations Mr. Carpenter for taking the necessary steps to better hearing and tinnitus relief. Another successful hearing aid patient!!

Mr. Richard Carpenter

Wonderful experience at Maze Hearing & BalanceAfter being fit with hearing aids from Maze Hearing & Balance I finally felt I was connected with the world. I was super pleased with the staff, the physical hearing aids and all facets of tone, actual hearing and background noises. I am super pleased!!

Mrs. Joyce Luce

Wonderful experience at Maze Hearing & BalanceI recently was fitted with hearing aids at Maze Hearing & Balance. I am 92 years old and I wish I had done this sooner. They have improved my hearing in all locations, such as church, restaurants and where I volunteer 5 days a week as a receptionist at a nursing home. It improves your quality of life so much.

Doris Story

I really like my hearing aids. They are easy to put on (insert) and take off … and are extremely comfortable. I sometimes forget I am wearing them. They are also easy to take care of. I just brush and wipe them off each evening with the materials given to me, then pop them in each morning.

Best of all, they are flexible in that if I am in a movie theater where the sound is loud, I can turn them down, and if the actors start whispering, I can turn them up. Actually, my hearing aids make my hearing more flexible than my Godgiven original hearing because of this ability to turn the hearing aids up and down.

Inez Bayes

Stephanie TempleBeing only 55 years old, when I told some of my friends I recently got hearing aids, they immediately give me a sad look. I explained that it’s nothing to be sad about, it’s actually quite fantastic! I am hearing sounds that I didn’t even realize I was missing. I am able to more fully understand those who engage with me in conversation, especially on the telephone, and I am no longer asking people to repeat what they last said. Also, the streamer device that allows my digital hearing aids to assist me in answering/listening to phone calls, music, and TV without the use of headphones is very cool. I am very pleased so far with my hearing aids and the service I received at Maze Hearing and Balance.
Stephanie Temple; Kenton, Ohio


At 41, I was sure I was too young to need hearing aids. After coaxing from my friends, family and colleagues, I gave in and had a comprehensive hearing test with Maze Hearing at the Marysville office. Reluctantly, I agreed to TRY the hearing aids that Heather recommended. My world CHANGED. When I stepped outside for the first time with them on I heard birds for the first time in my conscious memory, and that was just the start of all the things I experienced that I did not even know I was missing. Music is one of my passions and it is now clear and vivid like I had never imagined, I can have conversations in restaurants without having to ask people to continually repeat themselves, and can talk on the phone and not have to adjust the volume up to the max.

Admittedly, I was very careless with my hearing at a young age, I listened to music way too loud, never wore hearing protection to concerts or when I was working in factories. I was sure that all the warnings were less than valid. If I had it to do over, I would take care of my hearing better, but since that is not an option, I am forever grateful for the gift of hearing I have been given by my new hearing aids.

I also feel the need to put it out there that I was very self conscious about people noticing them, but they are virtually invisible even when I wear my hair in an up-do. The case (which is very small and behind my ear) color is close to my natural hair color and all the other components are clear. If you didn’t know they were there you would likely never notice them.

Thank you, Heather, for bringing the world back to life for me…I never even knew how much I was missing.
Leslie Barton


Don was fitted with a neuromonics oasis tinnitus device due to sudden on-set tinnitus in left ear.
I don’t know what I would have done without it. It really helps. I use to use the device nightly but now need it only twice a week. The tinnitus is still there but does not bother me now. The device makes me notice it less.
Don Griffith

Thank You, Russ


I was hearing “crickets” for a while. I said something at my annual physical causing my doctor to refer me to Maze Hearing. I had seen Maze Hearing ads in the paper so I knew a little about it. I made an appointment with Dr. Smith. I found her to be very professional and very helpful in solving my ear problem. I would readily recommend Maze Hearing for your hearing needs.
Carl Gillespie


I would like to take a moment to thank you for diagnosing my hearing loss problems and fitting me with an excellent pair of hearing aids. Your knowledge and professionalism in the hearing and balance field are second to none.

Since being fitted properly and I emphasize properly, I have been able to hear things I haven’t heard in years. Just simple things like conversations in restaurants; once a source of frustration, have become enjoyable once again. Listening to the television at a reasonable volume, understanding what people say without asking them to repeat themselves, and enjoying my favorite music are just a few common things I never thought I would enjoy again.

The Zen program is starting to impact the ringing in my ears as well. So, in short, I am forever thankful to you for your assistance and recommend that anyone who has hearing difficulties take advantage of your professional knowledge and expertise! Thank you so much for making my life a little richer.
Sincerely yours, Charles F.

Powell hearing aid testimonial

We came to Heather for dizziness and realized I needed hearing aids. She set me up with aids and it has changed our lives. We are so happy with the change and with her careful and respectful attention.
Ronal Powell


I think the reason I like my hearing aids so much is because they make me feel younger rather than older, because I don’t have to keep asking others “What did you say?”
Linda Bergmann

Denise Stidam hearing aid testimonial

What a difference the hearing aids have made for me. I love them! The service I received was great. Heather is so caring and very helpful. Tiffanee was also great work to with me and my schedule. I am so happy I finally called and made the appointment. Thank you so very much!
Denise Stidam



Thanks to you, I can hear now. I can hear in meetings, watching TV, in church, and on the phone. What a big difference it has made in my life. Didn’t know what I was missing.
God Bless,Terry Moore



Never thought I’d need a hearing aid, but I got surprised. Having noted some hearing issues, I made an appointment with Maze Hearing for a hearing test. Heather Smith diagnosed that I had lost high frequency hearing in one of my ears. I was fitted for a hearing aid and was admittedly anxious about wearing it. It has improved the hearing in that ear in ways I could not have imagined. The hearing aid is small, comfortable and barely visible to others. Dr. Smith and her staff have been terrific. Thanks Heather, through your diagnosis and the right hearing aid I am able to better communicate with family, socialize and enjoy entertainment more fully again. Visiting Maze Hearing has been an amazing medical experience. I highly recommend Dr. Heather Smith and her Maze Hearing Practice to others.
James Craig