About Us

Heather Maze Smith has worked in the field of Audiology since 1990. In addition to hearing testing and hearing aid fitting, she specializes in the evaluation and treatment of dizziness and tinnitus. Dr. Smith received post-doctoral training in vestibular (dizziness from the inner ear) problems at the prestigious American Institute of Balance in Florida.

Dr. Heather Smith grew up in Logan, Ohio and attended Ohio University, where she met her husband Greg. They have lived in Bellefontaine for 15 years and are raising 2 children, Emma (16) and Evan (14). She took 6 years off from audiology to stay home when her children were young. After working in hospitals, ENT offices and Speech and Hearing Centers for many years, Dr. Smith opened her private practice in 2010. When not helping her patients, she is usually attending her children’s sporting events. She also enjoys travelling and working in her flower gardens. Though she does not yet have significant hearing loss, she does have tinnitus. Dr. Smith strongly advises the use of hearing protection in noise in order to slow down the onset and worsening of hearing loss and tinnitus. If you would like her to speak at a group meeting or event, please call her office to set this up.

Dr. Smith utilizes Medical Billing Systems, Inc., Bellefontaine, Ohio for all of her patients’ insurance billing needs. Here she is pictured with Wendy Vance, Vice President of MBSI.

Dr. Smith with her daughter
Dr. Smith seeing her daughter Emma, age 16, off for a school trip.

Dr. Smith's son
Dr. Smith’s son Evan, age 14, (top row, far right) and his baseball team The Cubs.

Dr. Smith's garden
Dr. Heather Smith enjoys gardening in her free time.